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Seeking a good death: The challenge of legalised euthanasia

Victoria is on track to allow doctor-assisted suicide from next year. New Zealand is not far behind. Bruce Manners examines the issue.

Steal Something From Work Today!

Is stealing really stealing when you're simply taking from somebody who can afford it?

Lying’s OK – Honestly!

Have you ever fudged your tax return? What about padding your resume? After all, if it doesn't harm anybody, lying's alright, isn't it?

Fresh Air Blows

In the world of political PR and spin, no matter its colour, truth is often a casualty. But it seems it is not dead yet, reflects Daniel Reynaud.

Telling the Truth

To Andy Andrews telling his kids that going to jail begins with lying seemed extreme. But then he thought about it more.

You Shall Not Give False Testimony

When is it okay to tell a lie? Loron Wade explains truth and truth telling.

History Is What We Make It

Robert Wolfgramm reflects on the bicentennary of the abolition of slavery, which was marked by memorial services earlier this year.

The Ultimate Life

Freedom in Christian Living