A Christian Perspective on the World Today

end times

Does the Bible predict Covid-19?

Assessing whether Coronavirus is a sign of the end.

Are you being watched?

Your electronic devices are your window to the world. But who's looking back?

Not like the movies . . .

The second coming of Christ as outlined in the Bible is a reality that you won’t miss, as Bjorn Karlman explains.

Anticipating the end

In the final article in his series on last-day signs, Clifford Goldstein homes in on THE final sign.

The Christian right . . . or wrong?

Clifford Goldstein points out that, according to the Bible, a false religion will one day be accepted by nearly all human beings around the world.

Living in perpetual fear?

How to hope and hang on in the midst of chaos and calamity.

Greed in the last days

How we relate to wealth will become an issue as the final events of earth’s history unfold.

The times we live in

There’s a better day coming.

Waiting for the doomsday disease

In light of Jesus’ statement that pestilences will be one of the signs that His return is near, where do epidemics fit in?

The anticipated alien apocalypse

The world will end with an invasion from outer space. The only questions remaining are when and by whom?

Voting for the antichrist of your choice

What antichrist qualifications does each of the American presidential candidates possess?