A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Remembering the Earth landing

Reflecting on the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, Bruce Manners observes that in the big picture—of the universe—Earth is insignificant. But not to God.

How old is life? The biological evidence

Mainstream science is clear: the miracle of life took billions of years to evolve. But what if the data suggest something else altogether?

Pale blue dot

Consider the size of the universe. We're tiny—but not insignificant

The beginning

Ed Gallagher says finding hope for the end of the world requires looking in an unexpected place . . .

A not-so-green world

The disasters and diseases plaguing our world are devastating, yet far from surprising.

Life on Mars?

What does the Bible say about life on planets other than Earth?

Water, Please

Does your soul thirst for something you just can’t quite identify?