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drug addiction


Psychedelics and Secret Societies: A Conversation about Drugs and the Occult

Jamie Lehn explored the world of LSD and DMT, which led him to the dark world of the occult and secret societies.

An antidote to addiction

Andrew is a drug addict, but found an unlikely antidote to his addiction: a loving connection.

Bonita’s Story: Searching for connection, finding love

Bonita Fernance chased connection and love anywhere she could find it. When she woke up in hospital, she knew she needed something else. TRIGGER WARNING

They call it poppy love

The face of drug addiction is changing. From the seedy associations of the '70s and '80s, today thousands of people are dependent on prescription medication. What can be done in the face of this growing epidemic?

A street cat named Bob

There are many moments when, in situations that seem to have no solution and everyone has given up believing, especially the one who needs the solution, help comes in a completely unexpected way. For James Bowen, his rescue came in the form of an injured ginger cat.