A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Discover the Bible – Church

How does one choose a church denomination?

Why So Many Denominations?

Making sense of the Protestant-Catholic Divide

Radical Baptists: Thank God for What they Teach Us!

Historian Arthur Patrick unpicks one of the rich strands of Christian history.

Where the World Found a New Word

Every word has an origin. Harold Harker takes us to the place "protestant" became a way to describe a large part of Christianity.

William Miller: preacher of the Advent

He struggled with God over proclaiming the truths he'd learned in the Bible but when he surrendered, he stirred a nation. George Knight tells the story.

Martin Luther: Rising Sun of the Reformation

Reflecting on the bold life of Martin Luther, Arthur Patrick explores how the light of God's Word was allowed to shine in the dark.

Who are those Adventists?

I'll never forget the time when, while dining with a very senior executive of a world-leading aerospace firm, the subject of religion came up in a somewhat incidental manner. After being pressed, I said that I was a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Chu

Bridging Chasms

Bridges are meant to bring people together. Harold Harker explains how this bridge, the Bothwell bridge, was involved in both the formation and dismantling of peace.