A Christian Perspective on the World Today


How old is life? The biological evidence

Mainstream science is clear: the miracle of life took billions of years to evolve. But what if the data suggest something else altogether?

Who made God?

Everything we see and touch had a beginning—something that caused it to exist. Follow the chain of causation back with Sven Östring to discover where everything began.

The beginning

Ed Gallagher says finding hope for the end of the world requires looking in an unexpected place . . .

The signature

If there really is a God, should we expect to find Him within the known universe? Ty Gibson peeks through the space-time continuum.

Why the week has seven days

Most of us take the seven-day week for granted. Marvin Hunt explains how it came to be seven days and not six, eight or 10.

A father’s love

"How deep the Father's love for us; how vast beyond all measure."

Of metal detectors and miracles

An unrelated event on a quiet beach sparked a thought that serves to illustrate why science can’t explain biblical miracles. Sven Östring explains.

Why origins matter

The created owe everything to their Creator.

The God of His Sucess

Going from NASA scientist to film producer is quite a step. Harold Finch talks about the secrets behind his achievements.

How to keep the Sabbath

There are many ways to enjoy the Sabbath that are in keeping with biblical principles.

Bean There?

The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses (beans). What it is about beans that warrants such acclamation?

Pro biotics

After more than a century of war with bacteria, we’re finally realising that most of them are in fact our friends.