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The Secret Global Conspiracy

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve seen a lot of conspiracies on the internet lately. The same theme seems to run through them...

George Soros, Open Society and conspiracy theories

Depending on who you ask, George Soros is either a beacon of democracy or a sinister puppet master. But who actually is he?

Escaping from a radical family: Tara Westover’s story

For many, religious extremism brings to mind images of terrorism and violence in distant places—but for Tara Westover, the extremism was found far closer to home

How false religious conspiracy theories came to abound

Conspiracy theories are everywhere nowadays and many involve religion. But why do so many phony theories get so much traction?

Divorced from reality: Why the need to know often does more...

When Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce this month, the media and public at large asked one question—"why?"

What the Bible says about Flat Earth Theories

Some flat earth theorists claim the Bible proves that the earth is not round - is this really what the Bible says?

The pillars of a great society: freedom of speech and religion

Freedom of speech: What is often considered a human right is also used by some to justify spreading hate speech and lies. Where is the line drawn?