A Christian Perspective on the World Today



Passover: Why is this night different?

It’s no accident that Christian Easter and Jewish Passover occur around the same time every year. These ancient festivals are inextricably linked, explains Bob Mendelsohn, and perhaps even in ways that most Jews and Christians don’t understand.

“In remembrance of me”

The most impressive communion service this GI ever attended.

What’s for Dinner

The Bible doesn't condemn the consumption of food nor our enjoyment of it, but society's obsession with what we eat may be getting out of hand

Food for Thought

The meaning behind the Christian tradition of Communion.

How to be a better man

The secret to being a real man, says Victor Parachin, is to learn the fine art of kindness.

The Communion Service

Just as the Passover pointed back to the great deliverance of Israel from Egyptian slavery and forward to the coming of Messianic deliverance from sin, so the Communion service points back to Jesus.

Mass for the Masses

Christian Communion and Catholic Eucharist. Are they the same?