A Christian Perspective on the World Today


London Town

Harold Harker explores some of the sites of Christian history in London, planned Olympic host for 2012.

Commission or Invitation

Can we imagine something better than an all-Christian world? asks Samir Selmanovic.

Circumstantial Faith?

Is faith more than a question of upbringing and circumstances? Nathan Brown reflects on the experience and mystery of faith.

A Changed Life

Baptism means more-much more-than going under the water. Rodney Woods probes the deeper meaning.

The Gold in the Golden Rule

"Jesus said it sums up all the Scriptures but are Christians-and other religions- living it in the world today?" asks Samir Selmanovic.

Living Biblically?

What does it mean to live biblically? Journalist A J Jacobs spent a year following the biblical laws and regulations. His story is quite remarkable, as Nathan Brown discovered.

Authentic Christian Living

Sadly, many of us talk the talk of authentic Christian living but don't live it.

For the Love of God

Do your joy and your purpose in life come from the same place? Dwight Nelson explores the nature of God's true followers.

Out-of-Order Attachment

Why do we want what isn't ours? Loron Wade reflects on the selfish nature of humanity and suggests a solution.

Why Studying the “Good Book” is Good for You

God's Word holds many blessings. Victor Parachin explains the benefits of studying it regularly.

Standing in the Gap

We need each other. David Edgren explains how we can help others accomplish their true potential.

Riding the Spirit

Life's a journey in many ways. David Edgren shows how his personal and spiritual journey travel together.