A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Healthy School Lunch Boxes

With the rates of obesity, type-2 diabetes, high-blood pressure and high cholesterol rising rapidly in children, packing a healthy lunch box has never been more important.

Offering Support

Life can make you better or bitter. The children of divorced couples can be proactive with their empathy if they choose to do so.

ABCs of Stress-free Parenting

Victor Parachin shows how to reduce your parenting difficulties by remembering your alphabet.

God Carried my Baby

A serious heart condition threatened Karen Elengikal and her unborn child. Then God stepped in.

Blending In

I've married a man previously married. He smokes and drinks, and even though he knows it's bad for him, he can't quit

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Exploring the impact of diet on this special relationship

No Need to Get Mad!

Kids can be frustrating, as all parents well know. But as Sheila O'Connor points out, you can and need to stay in control of them-and yourself.

A Mothers Faith

When her son contracted meningitis this mother turned to God for help.

Time to Tackle Obesity

Health and fitness expert Andrew Cate looks at the current and growing problem of obesity, as not so different to the smoking debate of three decades ago.

No Time to be Moving On

She's our only child, and we're deeply hurt by her attitude, which borders on abusive.

Healthy, Not Hyper, Kids!

Is the epidemic of hyperactive and ADD kids, at least in part, the result of what we're feeding them? Quite possibly, if the experts are to be believed.