A Christian Perspective on the World Today

bible teachings

Fewer experts, more prophets?

Are the financial predictions of today’s economists any more reliable than the predictions of the biblical prophets?

Is alcohol OK?

The apostle Paul encouraged his associate Timothy to drink “a little wine” for the stomach and other infirmities (1 Timothy 5:23). So does the Bible condone the drinking of alcohol?

Is baptism necessary?

Does a person have to baptised in order to be saved?

Marriage . . . by single men

As a general rule, you shouldn’t listen to a single man’s ideas about marriage. But there are exceptions.

Greed in the last days

How we relate to wealth will become an issue as the final events of earth’s history unfold.

Do miracles still happen?

Evidence for modern-day miracles are sketchy. However, one thing is certain: nothing is impossible with God.

Should women be silent in church?

Why does the Bible say that women should be silent when in church?

The price of unity

Dean Edgar looks at the campaign to bring Catholic and Protestant denominations together.

“In remembrance of me”

The most impressive communion service this GI ever attended.