A Christian Perspective on the World Today

April 2019

Financial apocalypse?

What possible reason could God have for allowing a global economic meltdown?

Chariots of fire—what happened next

A new novelised biography of Eric Liddell shows how his heroism continued long after the Chariots of Fire theme music had faded

Dealing with anxiety

Yes, anxiety is a real medical condition. But there are practical strategies and solutions that work.

Healing the land

Caring for the natural world can be an act of worship

Saying “I do”

A lot of couples are eloping these days. Is it because they don't value marriage, or because they do?

Fatherhood and affirmation

The power of positive words can transform a child's life

Eating together

One of the essential parts of being human happens around the dinner table. Jesus tapped into this reality when He gave us a reminder about Himself.

How to fight on Facebook . . . and win

The internet can be a cesspool for strong opinions and aggressive arguments. How can you have a respectful discussion with someone on social media?

The challenge of voluntourism

How to help, rather than hinder, on your next overseas trip

The lowdown on dairy-free milks

How do the alternatives stack up against good old-fashioned moo-juice?

April crossword and sudoku solutions

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