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How to Lose Weight Permanently

Many people think it's impossible to lose weight and keep it off. But research shows that at least 20 per cent of overweight people are successful in losing the flab for the long term.

Staying Motivated this Winter

Health and fitness writer Andrew Cate looks at ways to stay in shape and motivated this winter.

Living Well with PCOS

If you're a woman who's put on a bit of weight and finding it difficult to lose, or if you're struggling with facial hair, acne or irregular periods, chances are you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Liquid Calories to Burn

Did you know that the size of a soft drink container has increased by two to three times over the past 50 years?

Overcome the Top Dieting Pitfalls

Eating right has numerous enemies. Kelly James-Enger reveals four pitfalls that derail healthy diets.

Top 10 Health Mistakes

Online weight-loss coach Andrew Cate looks at the top 10 health mistakes and ways to make better choices today.

Smart Beach Eating

If you've worked for months to fit into that bikini, don't blow it once you get to the beach by giving in to greasy takeaways and sugary drinks. Research shows it's very easy to regain lost weight- especially on holidays-so make every mouthful count while

Tackling Childhood Obesity

Obesity is an epidemic, with many children also overweight or obese. Health and fitness expert Andrew Cate shows what can be done.

Long-term Weight-loss Secrets

Losing weight may seem easy when compared to weight-loss maintenance.

The Real Cost of Upsizing

Bigger portion sizes make you eat more, even if you think the food tastes terrible, according to a new study from Cornell University. Portion size is now thought to be as influential as taste, in determining whether we overeat.

Eat more, Weigh less

People who choose low "energy-dense" diets eat more food (by weight) but consume fewer calories, helping them to better regulate their weight, according to a new study of more than 7000 Americans published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Battling Self-consciousness

Even now I am married, I am still selfconscious and unhappy about my looks.