A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Obsession about Possessions

Consumerism threatens to destroy us and our world, warns Brendan Pratt. Here’s what we can do about it.

Be the master of your money

How can we make money work for us? How do we become its master?

Free to Give

Hoard it or share it? What to do with your wealth.

Affluenza: What Does Your Money Say About You?

Bruce Manners looks at the lives of the rich and famous and discovers that, not only can money not buy happiness-it sometimes leads to grief.

God Wants You to Prosper

The Bible is not about how to get rich but what to do with the riches God bestows. So get ready to unlearn everything you've heard about prosperity, warns Leo Schreven.

The Generosity Factor

Bruce Manners has discovered that big-hearted people are not intimidated into stinginess by economic hard times.


Recent times have been marked with tumultuous financial happenings. Daniel Reynaud considers the implications.


Reflecting on recent survey results, Daniel Reynaud asks what is really most important in measuring our quality of life.

Dealing with Debt

Financial hardships can cause great stress. G Edward Reid suggests some biblical tips to escape debt.

Means to an End

Understanding what Jess gave us is a step toward knowing what we might give in return

Bible Discovery: A Happy New Year

So if money doesn't help, where do you find happiness?