A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The Great War . . . 100 Years On

While there is nothing to celebrate about war, Geoff Youlden says the cenotaphs and memorials in most towns testify to its place in our national culture.

Cover and Deception

What was the first act of deceit done to Humankind

A Planet in Crisis

Why is there an increased frequency of natural and man-made disasters?

Wars and Rumours of Wars

Given the increasing number of conflicts around the world, are we are hurtling toward the end of the world?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: exemplary Christian and martyr

Many people choose to serve by following. Arthur Patrick looks at the life of one man who chose to serve by leading- at the cost of his life.

Bridging Chasms

Bridges are meant to bring people together. Harold Harker explains how this bridge, the Bothwell bridge, was involved in both the formation and dismantling of peace.

The Kokoda Track

Andrew Cate walked the Kokoda Track with six friends looking for adventure, and a better insight into a significant part of Australia's war history.

Honouring Those Who Served

"War is all hell," said US General William Tecumseh Sherman after the American Civil War, a battle which, less than 100 years after America's birth, threatened to rip the nation asunder.

Still a Hero

It is never easy to send someone off to war.Norman Young reflects on his father's heroic life.

Last-days Extremism

What warning did Jesus give concerning last-day deceptions?

After the War

Reconstruction follows destruction, and so too when God ends the warn between good and evil.

The Real Star Wars

The Bible presents God as a personal being who created us as persons. He made the universe, but is distinct from it.