A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Anzac soldiers speak

Book Review: Anzac Spirituality: The First AIF Soldiers Speak, by Daniel Reynaud

Why Jesus is returning

This world is a dangerous place and full of fear. That, says Loren Seibold, makes Jesus’ promise to return someday a message of hope and security.

Peace on Earth?

Being a peacemaker isn't easy; but it's an essential part of being a Christian.

Hope amid the violence

Violence, oppression and inequality are part and parcel of today's world. How are we to cope with this scary, new normal?

Living in perpetual fear?

How to hope and hang on in the midst of chaos and calamity.

Last Strike

With the threat of nuclear war seemingly increasing, will it be the likely cause of the end of the world?

War and peace

Where did war come from, and is there any chance of peace ever being victorious?

The making of Hacksaw Ridge

How can a book so inspire a man that he will spend the next 40 years trying to turn it into a movie?

The Terrorism Solution

Can techniques of nonviolence bring peace?

Called to Attention

An analysis of the news that we consume - or that consumes us.