A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Killing Time

In our increasingly safe and sanitised Western culture, we turn to gaming and movies to satisfy our thirst for blood. But, asks Mark Hadley, how is violent entertainment affecting us?

No longer silent

In a country where women have to fight doubly hard for gender equality, Jacqueline Joseph is trying to change the very fabric of society.

Hope amid the violence

Violence, oppression and inequality are part and parcel of today's world. How are we to cope with this scary, new normal?

The trouble with alcohol

When it comes to celebrating, we need less drinking and more thinking.

When Kids Take Charge

Many believe that today's children live in an age of entitlement. But we may only have ourselves to blame for that.

The Battle Among Us

Is there an objective standard of right and wrong? Are the Bible's teachings on morality and ethics outdated and out of touch with the world of today?

The Assent of Degeneration

Violence fuelled by alcohol is rising in Australia, but Geoff Youlden believes the media plays an equal part in the demise of values and virtues.

Violence in Schools

Debbie Cosier argues that society itself is to blame for the increasing occurrence of violent acts by children.

Violence: Will it ever end?

The 20th century was the most violent in history and the 21st promises to be just as bad. But the Bible holds out hope for a better future.

Anger Management

Video games and violence have gone hand in hand since the first Space Invader was zapped 25 years ago.

Getting Control

Most of us will never kill someone else, but our hearts are not innocent of such thoughts.explores the thought life that leads to law-breaking.

When-and Where-Will it End?

The recent London subway and bus bombings are a reminder that we live in an age of terrorism.