A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Three in one

The Bible doesn’t use the word Trinity. So does the idea of a triune God come from original Christian belief or was it invented afterwards?

The Holy Spirit

Melissa Howell shares some thoughts on how the Holy Spirit “fixes” the problems we face in trying to follow God.

The Trinity

The Trinity, or “God-head,” has been one of the most controversial Christian teachings, especially in the early part of Christian history, says Loren Seibold.

Glimpses of God

While we can't yet see God with our eyes, the Bible does contain some previews, says Teresa Reeve.

No Longer Lonely

We have a Holy team who will support and encourage us.

God is a Family

Three in One, One as Three? What the Trinity really means.

Unconfusing the Confusing

Seth Pierce asks why Christians talk about three Gods when Christianity claims to worship one.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Trying to make sense of the Trinity

Holy, Holy, Holy

Understanding the Godhead