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“Remember When?”

Families and friends share memories all the time: “You’ll never guess”, “How was your day?”, and “Do you remember when?” are rich daily fodder. Sharing...

With so many people speaking ‘their truth’, how do we know...

When Academy Awards boss Bill Kramer recently applauded comedian Chris Rock for speaking “his truth” about being slapped by Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars ceremony,...

What happens in our brain and body when we’re in love?

Love dominates our popular culture and is the subject of countless songs, movies, and works of literature and art. But what’s happening in our...

What COVID has taught us about sharing our emotions—and why now’s...

Although they were only two-and-a-half years ago, the first months of the COVID pandemic and ensuing lockdowns seem like a distant past. We have – perhaps intentionally...

These megatrends will change our world

A recent CSIRO report identifies seven "global megatrends" shaping the twenty-first century. Are we prepared?

Recovering from COVID-19

Fatigue after Covid is way more than just feeling tired. Here are five tips on what to do about it.

How to avoid toxic positivity

Expecting to be happy all the time comes with a plethora of side-effects. Maybe learning to live with unhappiness is the key?