A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Robot Reality

Are robots here to help or harm us? Can we have any certainty about the future of humanity?

Killing Time

In our increasingly safe and sanitised Western culture, we turn to gaming and movies to satisfy our thirst for blood. But, asks Mark Hadley, how is violent entertainment affecting us?

Devices may be making us smarter, but is there a catch?

Like many parents, Suvi Mahonen is worried about the hours kids are spending staring at screens.

How to survive after 40

Over the hill? Hardly. Lee Carseldine shares some tips on how to thrive mid-life.

War against revenge porn

Coupling shame and the human desire for vindication, the internet amplifies the harmful effects of porn.

To raise an Amish child

How can we ensure our children aren’t addicted to technology when we ourselves can’t seem to tear ourselves away from our mobile phones?

When virtual becomes reality

To reach our changing world, we need to change too. #stayrelevant

Pokémon go … but go where?

There’s much more to living in an augmented reality.

Satan’s spy chips

The Bible speaks of a “mark of the beast” that will be used to identify people in Earth’s last days. Is chip technology the way it will happen?

Your mobile: miracle or menace

There's no doubt a mobile phone makes for a good friend, but it can also be a hostile enemy-if you let it, reports Glenis Lindley.