A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The gift or the present?

Life is a gift and an opportunity to show others how awesome God is, because He is the one who gave it all in the first place.

Hard luck

While regulators ignore appeals from the grassroots, the gambling industry continues to gobble up profits. All just harmless fun? Don’t bet on it.

Giving away to gain

Generosity is far more valuable than you might think.

Earth’s stewards

Loren Seibold reflects on our human responsibility to protect the world we’ve been given and the devastating result of our greed that’s destroying it.

Have it your way

Is spending money to customise the products we buy leading toward a pride of self that can better be directed toward helping others?

Where My Heart Is

In a world of hyper-consumption, let's take a step back

Putting Money in its Place

Do you think the only thing the Bible says about money is that it’s “the root of all evil”? Think again.

Your Religion and the Environment

We're more connected to the environment than you think. Howard Fisher tells us how.

The (spiritual) Importance of Being Green

Environmental issues are more important than politics or mere human survival.

What on earth is Stewardship?

What are you responsible for? Jarrod Stackelroth faces the new challenges of growing up and taking good care of what is his.