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How To Critically Evaluate A Text

People don't always mean what they say — but did you know the same holds true for media. So how do we figure out what we consume is really saying?

EURO 2020: Is Christian Eriksen a Victim of the Show?

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed on the football field, in the middle of the Denmark-Finland match, at the 2020 European Football Championship, making some professional players lament the overload of sports competition schedules.

The Power Of Grief: How To Survive The Death Of A...

We all experience grief at some point in our lifetime—but that doesn't make it easy to bear. Alina Kartman spoke with Julia Samuel about the importance of accepting this often negative issue

Does the Old Testament speak about Jesus—or someone else?

Many claim that prophecies in the Old Testament of the Bible point towards Jesus' role as saviour. Is this true?

Biased Statistics and False Truths

In the post-truth era, even things once thought reliable—like statistics or data—can be manipulated. So how can we tell if we're being duped?

Lies – The Anatomy of a Social Pathology

Everybody tells little white lies on occasion. . . but have you ever stopped to consider why lying is so commonplace?

Suffering evil and loving your enemies

Flaviu Tereșneu proposes to us, in a surprising but useful way, that we should better understand suffering, patience, and love by following the quintessence of some of Jesus’ teachings.

How Our Friendships Change Throughout Life

Throughout the stages of our lives, friendships will come and go. But what do sociologists say is the time most conducive to building lasting relationships

Is Jesus the only way to God?

This seemingly innocent question has probably caused more unrest in the past 2000 years than any other.