A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The rule of law

Rules seem boring and unnecessary . . . until someone grabs the soccer ball in their hands and runs towards the goals. Yes, we need rules, but we keep breaking them. What’s the solution?

The Father role model

A vital part of being a father is effective role modelling

When your brain chokes

How to compose yourself in the heat of the moment

Practising faith

Are you serious about your spiritual life? Maybe you need to spend time not just learning, but putting into practice what you learn.

What you need to do after you exercise

Don't drink juices, avoid the ice bath... these are the new rules of recovery

Adam Goodes: It Stops With Me

Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, on his fight against racism

Survival of the Fittest

What the Tour de France and other endurance pursuits teach us about getting along.

Footy Fever

There are lessons to be learned from World Cup fans

On, and Off, Court

Margaret Court: from tennis great to a great life with God

Malthouse’s Team

The football legend from an insider's perspective

The Rich Sport

Do money and sport go hand in hand? Geoff Youlden tells us how rich corporations have more control than we may think.

Cadel Evans: The Man Behind the Bars

While the Australian road cyclist is at the top of his game, Braden Blyde discovers there's more to Evans than the sports-star stereotype.