A Christian Perspective on the World Today

spiritual gifts


You’re Gifted Whether You Know It Or Not

There’s something lying on a massive table. It’s a huge picture. You move closer and see that the design is made up of individual...

The Holy Spirit

What does the Bible teach about this mysterious Third Person who is God? How can we connect with Him?

Supernatural power

While movie superheroes can rarely be trusted to use their powers responsibly, the Holy Spirit is ready with gifts that will transform the world.

Gift of the century

Our society increasingly measures people by the value of their possessions, but there’s an alternative that’s much better.

Are You Gifted

The Bible says God has given each of us special talents. Lets discover what yours may be.

You Are Needed

There is a special place and purpose for you in this world

God’s Gifts

God loved the world so much that He gave us His Son Jesus. But Ed Dickerson points out that He's also given us many other gifts.

Gifts from God

How God impacts our lives.