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The World Game

Lucy Martin described her life before knowing Jesus as a “tumultuous journey of trials, tribulations, ups, downs, heartache, success, fear, love and many, many,...

Solving the World Cup Puzzle

Not sure how to feel about this year’s football World Cup? Here is some information that can help you decide.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Coca-Cola and the self esteem epidemic

When Cristiano Ronaldo moved two Coca-Cola bottles and the company’s market value subsequently plummeted, it soon became clear why—because we care so much.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Soccer is dominated by big money clubs that seem impossible to beat. However, every now and again an underdog team comes through and surpasses all odds. Which team would you support?

The rule of law

Rules seem boring and unnecessary . . . until someone grabs the soccer ball in their hands and runs towards the goals. Yes, we need rules, but we keep breaking them. What’s the solution?

The ultimate cave rescue

The whole world watched as 13 lives hung in the balance, trapped in a Thai cave. But the world itself is also awaiting rescue.

Footy Fever

There are lessons to be learned from World Cup fans

Socceroos Aiming High

Nathan Brown reports on the focus that makes Australia's World Cup team work.