A Christian Perspective on the World Today

signs of the times


The final show

How to be ready for this ultimate event.

135 years of Signs of the Times

Establishing in 1886, Signs of the Times magazine has a rich history of sharing God's word through publication—spanning more than a century

Don’t panic: nothing to see here!

Planet Earth seems wracked by a series of disasters that are increasing in frequency and intensity. Are these the signs of the end of the world that Jesus predicted? And if yes, what are we supposed to do about it?

Does the Bible predict Covid-19?

Assessing whether Coronavirus is a sign of the end.

Messiah Complex

Can you spot a fake? History’s cavalcade of self-styled messiahs continues to the present day. Ed Dickerson shares the Bible’s tips on what to look out for.

Anticipating the end

In the final article in his series on last-day signs, Clifford Goldstein homes in on THE final sign.

Hope amid the violence

Violence, oppression and inequality are part and parcel of today's world. How are we to cope with this scary, new normal?

A not-so-green world

The disasters and diseases plaguing our world are devastating, yet far from surprising.

The earthquake that will end time

In late August, damaging earthquakes struck such diverse places as Italy and Myanmar. Is this what Jesus said was coming at the end of the world?