A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Standing in the Gap

We need each other. David Edgren explains how we can help others accomplish their true potential.

By Receiving, We Give

When was the last time you received gratefully? Samir Selmanovic explores the difficulty we all have with receiving.

Hugh Evans: Making Poverty History

By the time you finish reading this sentence, three children in the world will have died from preventable causes. Jarrod Stackelroth talks to humanitarian Hugh Evans about changing lives and making a difference.

Sam Mitchell leads with integrity

Winning on the field and off is all about expecting the very best from yourself. Nathan Brown talks to AFL superstar Sam Mitchell about setting and achieving goals.

Work Out Your Own Salvation

There is something you just can't share. Robert Wolfgramm looks at one of the tough realities of life.

Sudanese Refugees

In Melbourne's migrant zone, young people impact the lives of refugees.

Neighbours to the World

George and Joan Eiszele of Tasmania understand what being a true neighbour means. Carole Stanton looks at this extraordinary couple.

A Mile in His Shoes

It's good to serve your family. But Cathy Irleland has begun to wonder if there is more to serving others.

The Cost of Caring

Caring can be costly, but its the way Jesus would have us be

Narcissus’ nightmare

Living your life focused on yourself is ultimately destructive. According to John Denne, we all need more.

Perfect One Day, Precarious The Next

Regardless of where they live, "getting by" on these Pacific islands is a struggle.