A Christian Perspective on the World Today


How old is life? The biological evidence

Mainstream science is clear: the miracle of life took billions of years to evolve. But what if the data suggest something else altogether?

The Depression-inflamation link

Lifestyle medicine is showing us more about the simple ways we can improve our health and our mood

What you need to do after you exercise

Don't drink juices, avoid the ice bath... these are the new rules of recovery

A nation in pain

The benefits of medicinal Marijuana is often a controversial topic of debate among health experts. Suvi Mahonen explores both sides of the argument.

The signature

If there really is a God, should we expect to find Him within the known universe? Ty Gibson peeks through the space-time continuum.

Of metal detectors and miracles

An unrelated event on a quiet beach sparked a thought that serves to illustrate why science can’t explain biblical miracles. Sven Östring explains.

A Sound Investment

Imagine a world where we don’t need to spend time preparing or cooking food. Sounds like an efficient use of time, but is it?

The Faith of a Scientist

Science doesn't always dispel the existence of God.

Finding Pathways

Christine Miles talks with a young New Zealander who has changed the way we think about our brains.

Professor Ian Frazer: Australian of the Year 2006

Australian of the Year 2006 talks about life, family, faith and medicine.