A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Why Jesus’ death matters

Modern critics claim that Jesus’ death has no more meaning than anyone else’s death. Clifford Goldstein responds to that challenge.

When Jesus told the angels

Ellen G White shares some insights into God’s plan of salvation from the perspective of conversations Jesus had with the angels in heaven.

“Earth calling Mars . . .”

Many space explorations try to discover whether we are alone in the universe, but Errol Webster believes he has discovered something “out there” that science cannot inform us about.

A step too far

A chance meeting at a church door led to a life-saving conversation.

The God of His Sucess

Going from NASA scientist to film producer is quite a step. Harold Finch talks about the secrets behind his achievements.

Declared innocent

It’s easy to become discouraged when you try to overcome a sin, only to find yourself falling right back into it. But there is a solution.

A Baby Shower for Jesus

Christians believe Jesus was born on earth to die for humans.What does that really means?

Are You Too Sinful to be Saved

Some people believe that they are so sinful God couldn’t possibly be interested in saving them. Marvin Moore responds to this fear.

Stop, Drop and Roll

I remember where I was and what I saw on that day. It was the first time I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Answers to Life’s Big Questions

Why send a spacecraft 6.4 billion kilometres for 10 years to a comet five kilometres wide traveling at 135,000 kilometres per hour?

A Work in Progress

We have a long way to go before attaining perfection

Cover and Deception

What was the first act of deceit done to Humankind