A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Saved from myself

One of the most exciting days of my 13-year-old life was turned upside down in an instant. I would have loved to pin the blame on someone else, but it was all my fault.

The power of the cross

It’s the most recognisable symbol on earth and yet one early Christian leader admitted that following the crucified Jesus makes no sense—except for what happened next.

God’s amazing gift

The gift of the French language changed my life, but it’s just a tiny glimpse of the transformation offered by God’s gift of eternity.

Where evil began

Clifford Goldstein explores that age-old question of why God created humans with the capacity to do evil things.

You can’t baptise yourself

In this age of instant answers and DIY solutions, it’s hard to admit that, when it comes to questions of eternity, we all need help. Keith Trumbo explains.

The view from the cross

Charles Mills reflects on what—and who—Jesus saw as He hung crucified between heaven and earth.

Facing the enemy without losing hope

In our spiritual lives, we’re being stalked by a diabolical predator far more cunning than we can imagine, says Gary Swanson.

Gift of the century

Our society increasingly measures people by the value of their possessions, but there’s an alternative that’s much better.

A father’s love

"How deep the Father's love for us; how vast beyond all measure."

Can God ever stop loving me?

When we mess up, our next step should be to run to, not from, the One who loves us most.

Agents of God

The free gift of God's grace contains more responsibilities than we may expect at first.

God in His underwear

What values do you most appreciate—love, humility, graciousness? Anneliese Wahlman points out that Jesus reflected all of these.