A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The power of the cross

It’s the most recognisable symbol on earth and yet one early Christian leader admitted that following the crucified Jesus makes no sense—except for what happened next.

Worth Dying For?

Christians are amongst the most persecuted people on the planet. Why would anyone practice faith under threat of death? James Standish explores the question.

The view from the cross

Charles Mills reflects on what—and who—Jesus saw as He hung crucified between heaven and earth.

Jesus our Heavenly Mediator

Bible Discovery with Errol Webster

Cover and Deception

What was the first act of deceit done to Humankind

Of Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies, Buns and a Cross

Sonja Larsen looks beyond the traditions and symbols surrounding Easter and discovers its true message.

God’s Show-and-Tell

The ultimate expression of God's love for us

The Finished Work

Take a look at the Easter message

Driven to Run

What would make a man decide to run from the North Pole to the South?

Attaining Perfection

Going to the root of evil. Is there hope for humanity?

More Than a Symbol

An awful scene holds an awesome promise

When the Dragon Breathed Fire

When it comes to solving the world's problems, sacrifice is necessary.