A Christian Perspective on the World Today


No Heil Hitler!

Paul Cieslar would have had a normal, happy childhood growing up in Wisla, Poland, if not for one thing—the Nazi occupation of his country.

The Forgotten Reformer

The story of Martin Luther's associate, Andreas Karlstadt

Resting in Grace

Enjoy the fruit of Someone Else's labour once a week - every week

Why the Week is Seven Days Long

Most of us take the seven-day week for granted. Marvin Hunt explains how it came to be seven days and not six, eight or ten.

Your Special Day

One whole day a week to disconnect from the busyness of your life? David Edgar shows you how to obtain its full benefits.

Denver Steyn’s Bodybuilding Temple

Randall Oliver speaks with a budding young bodybuilder whose faith makes him stand out from the rest.

Sabbath Is for Love

Jo Ann Davidson discovers and experiences the joy of Sabbath through Jewish traditions.

From Saturday to Sunday

Samuele Bacchiocchi identifies three factors that influenced Christians in the first few centuries after Christ to adopt the observance of Sunday

Antidote for Stress

Gary Krause believes the answer to reducing the pressure in our stress-filled lives lies in one simple day.

A Gift in Time

Exploring the joy of the Sabbath.

A Symbol of Home

A flag declares much about a nation and her people. Mark Finley flies the flag of Christian commitment, joy and promise.

Rest in a Restless World

How can we know who we are?