A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Created for Eternity

Do you shed tears when a loved one dies? So does God, says Patty Froese Ntihemuka.

Death and Immortality

Several strange ideas about life after death exist in our world. Seth Pierce briefly reviews a recent one, then examines what the Bible says.

Dead Men Can’t Save You!

Glenn Townend reflects on our mortal human condition and inquires whether immortality is possible.

Baptism by the Book

Consider it an ancient rite or an anachronism in our modern society but according to God's original instructions, baptism really is necessary, says David Edgar.

The Grave: No Sting, No Victory

In one of the most amazing tales ever told, Jesus demonstrated that He holds the keys to hell's gate, as Rodney Woods explains.

Born to Die

Jesus was born to be a King. But before He could assume His crown, He first had to go to the cross. Marvin Moore reflects on the meaning of Jesus' birth and death.


Jesus is the most remarkable and undoubtedly bestknown historical figure of all time. Arthur Patrick explains the man behind the myth.

Living a Resurrection Life

Nathan Brown explores the importance of a better understanding of life after death.

Consider Jesus

Richard C Halverson helps us to see Jesus more clearly.

Clashing Symbols

Time changes everything, so they say. David Edgren, challenges us to reclaim the symbols that define us.

Death and Resurrection

What happens after death is largely tied to what happens before death. Graeme Loftus explores the decisions that shape our eternity.

The Mystery of Death

Can the dead communicate with the living? What does the Bible say?