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Fatherhood and connection

Stress, overwork, legal troubles, marriage breakdown—there are so many obstacles to overcome in keeping a healthy connection with your kids. Yes, it’s hard work, but it’s worth it.

The do’s and don’ts of workplace romance

Since so many relationships begin at work, what can we do to keep them as safe and respectful as possible?

The God who keeps coming back

We have given God every reason to wash His hands of us. And yet, He gave us His Son. God's love—thankfully and amazingly—makes no sense.

Can You Buy Joy

The pursuit of happiness is a perennial quest for cost humans. But is it achievable?

The Game Where Nobody Wins

As marriage increasingly eludes more and more people, an age-old competition may be escalating.

Mother-in-law Troubles

Patience and kindness can heal a difficult relationship.

Rhyme Time

Moving to a different state with a new baby was taking its toll—then she slapped her husband in the heat of an argument . . .

Look What I Found

Even if we’ve drifted away from God in the past, He is always glad to reconnect with us.

27 Ways to Make Your Marriage Happier

Jay Sheen shares tips on how to make sure your marriage brings you and your spouse more delight.