A Christian Perspective on the World Today



The mystery of faith

Will all our questions ever be answered? Or is it best that some things remain unknowable?

The Catholic comeback

Two centuries ago, it looked like the age of the popes was over. But that’s not what the Bible predicts, and that’s not what happened.

Mrs Luther and her sisters

The roles women played in the Reformation are highlighted in a new book by popular historian Derek Wilson.

500 years on

Harold Harker, with Melody Tan and Lee Dunstan, reflect on the legacy of the Reformation, half a millennium on.

Katharina Luther: Strong, decided, enterprising

Carole Cusack, professor of Religious Studies at Sydney University, outlines key events in the life of Katharina von Bora, Martin Luther’s wife.

Celebrating October 31

There's more to the day than vampires and ghouls.

The Church in the Attic

Harold Harker tells the story of a museum in Amsterdam that graphically portrays the tension between Catholics and Protestants in the Reformation era.

Where the World Found a New Word

Every word has an origin. Harold Harker takes us to the place "protestant" became a way to describe a large part of Christianity.