A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The Prophecy of the Messiah

Buried inside your Bible are amazing prophecies. Signs looks at some concerning the arrival of the baby Jesus two millennia ago-made 500 years before His birth.

When-and Where-Will it End?

The recent London subway and bus bombings are a reminder that we live in an age of terrorism.

After the War

Reconstruction follows destruction, and so too when God ends the warn between good and evil.

A Reason to Believe

After the carnage, what's the message that's left?

Meeting Evil with Evil

The push in Britain for an ID card system residents is a sign of things to come.

God’s Vision for the Future

Students at Canberra's Macquarie Primary School were asked to close their eyes and imagine the year 2020 then write what they saw.

The feet of clay: European disUNION

Disunity again threatens the European Union (EU).

God’s Final Altar Call

The prophecies of Revelation reveal much about both history and contemporary times, as Mark Finley shows.

A Big Picture View of Daniel

It is very easy to be distracted by the detail of Bible prophecy, so it's sometimes beneficial to stand back and take a fresh look.