A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The third temple prophecy

Do events in the nation of Israel mark the beginning of the so-called end times? Will a new Jewish temple be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem?

The times we live in

There’s a better day coming.

Waiting for the doomsday disease

In light of Jesus’ statement that pestilences will be one of the signs that His return is near, where do epidemics fit in?

The death of the dollar

Brexit has hit the world economy harder than the GFC of 2008. Now, with economies around the world faltering, will a financial collapse mark the end of the world.

The anticipated alien apocalypse

The world will end with an invasion from outer space. The only questions remaining are when and by whom?

Voting for the antichrist of your choice

What antichrist qualifications does each of the American presidential candidates possess?

The End of the World … Again?

According to one prediction, 2016 will mark the end of the world—the day God “puts an end to sin.”

ISIL and Christianity: not that different?

Terrorists see themselves as a prophetic movement that will bring on the apocalypse. Could they be right?

Guiding Stars

Just how accurate are horoscopes and can they really tell our future?

Can we still believe the bible? Book Review

A fresh answer to an old question that questions the Bible's relevance today in a transforming and challenging way.

Why You Can Trust God

John Bradshaw explains why you can rely on God to lead you through your dark and difficult times.

Noah’s Hope

What does an ancient story about a worldwide flood tell us about our world today? Clifford Goldstein finds out.