A Christian Perspective on the World Today


How to Develop a More Meaningful Prayer Life

Randy Maxwell shares some thoughts on how you can find more meaning in prayer.

Messages From Above

How to speak with God

Boost Your Spiritual Intelligence

Think sharper and wiser with these valuable activities from Victor Parachin to improve your spiritual walk.

The God to Whom We Pray

Paul Petersen points out that all over the world, people are praying, but there are marked differences in the kind of God they pray to.

God’s Guiding Hand

At the worst of times, God often seems the closest. Glenis Lindley tells the story of one such day.

What Is Prayer?

We often limit God to our wish-list, and ourselves to quick visits with Him. Barry Oliver explains the reality and responsibility of sincere prayer.

Consider it a Gift

All good things come from God

Instant Messaging

Teenagers are among the most prolific mobile phone, text-message users.