A Christian Perspective on the World Today


4 Ways to clear your name from shame

We all mess up and hurt others. But what we do next is crucially important.

Learning to praise

Esther Bailey says that offering praise to God may not come as naturally as asking for His help, but it’s just as important.


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The surprise

Fertility specialists told Glenn Townend's daughter, Amy, she would never have children. But God had another idea. (Two in fact!)

Review: War Room

The latest offering from Alex and Stephen Kendrick challenges audiences to fight . . . on their knees.

Pet shop prayer

What happened when a young woman shut her shop on the busiest day of the week in order to obey God?

A Baby Shower for Jesus

Christians believe Jesus was born on earth to die for humans.What does that really means?

Tears of a Butterfly

She was a person everyone loved to hate. But, as Pat Fretten tells us, something changed.

How to Grow Together With God

Husbands and wives sometimes have a hard time growing together spiritually. Karen Holford provides some strategies to help.

How to Develop a More Meaningful Prayer Life

Randy Maxwell shares some thoughts on how you can find more meaning in prayer.

Messages From Above

How to speak with God

Boost Your Spiritual Intelligence

Think sharper and wiser with these valuable activities from Victor Parachin to improve your spiritual walk.