A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Hugh Evans: Making Poverty History

By the time you finish reading this sentence, three children in the world will have died from preventable causes. Jarrod Stackelroth talks to humanitarian Hugh Evans about changing lives and making a difference.

Single mum with four girls

My biggest concern is that my girls do not want to go to church with me anymore. They have thrown away the values I taught them.

No More Gaps

Have you ever felt alienated? Robert Wolfgramm explores the chasms that separate us.

Piggy Bankrupt

Discovering true generosity.

Rebounding Generosity

Both givers and receivers are rewarded.

The Law of the Beggar

It's only as we follow the richness of Christ's poverty, says Harley Stanton, that we experience the riches of restoration and fulfilment.

A World of Poverty

Making poverty a thing of the past is a noble and achievable goal. Whether or not it happens, suggests Signs editor Nathan Brown, is up to us.

Perfect One Day, Precarious The Next

Regardless of where they live, "getting by" on these Pacific islands is a struggle.