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Staying healthy through the festive season

Have you ever had to secretly undo your buttons after a meal? Perhaps the food looked too appetising to resist and you found yourself...

Going plant based

The myths, the reasons, the tips - a crash course for the plant-based curious.

Eating your way to a better world

Eating your veggies. One simple step that can change your health— but can it really change the world?

My plant-based journey

I used to eat meat daily. Persistent health issues, however, forced me to re-evaluate my diet.

Dare to eat plants like Daniel

Daniel in the Bible went plant-based for 10 days. Can the same diet have benefits today?

From a pawn to a King

“No-one can serve two masters,” Jesus said. One man’s life vividly illustrates the battle raging between the forces of good and evil that are each seeking our allegiance.

Meat the alternative

What exactly are meat alternatives? Are they better for the planet? Are they really better for me?

This book changed my diet the most

Book review: California journalist John Howard Weeks offers insights into how his home town is one of the world’s few longevity “blue zones”.

No meat? No problem!

Plant food protein secrets