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The Guts to Change

Listen to the podcast interview on the article: We are not a completely solitary being as we are accompanied by microscopic bugs. Believe it or...

Going plant based

The myths, the reasons, the tips - a crash course for the plant-based curious.

Eating your way to a better world

Eating your veggies. One simple step that can change your health— but can it really change the world?

My plant-based journey

I used to eat meat daily. Persistent health issues, however, forced me to re-evaluate my diet.

Healthy food that can slow ageing: the new science

What we eat in our forties and fifties has a huge effect on how quickly we age.

Which wholegrains are best?

It’s commonly known that wholemeal or wholegrain products are healthier than white, refined versions. But is smooth wholemeal bread just as healthy as cooked barley or steel-cut oats?

Potato swaps

Just how healthful a humble potato can be largely depends upon how you prepare it.

Anti-inflammatory eating

Silent, chronic, widespread inflammation in the body is now recognised as a key driver for degenerative diseases. And what you eat can either dampen or drive this process—in children and adults alike.