A Christian Perspective on the World Today


The long, harrowing, bloody history of persecution of Christians

A new book chronicles two millennia of hostility towards Christianity.

Worth Dying For?

Christians are amongst the most persecuted people on the planet. Why would anyone practice faith under threat of death? James Standish explores the question.

The counter Reformation

The Protestant Reformation changed the world, but it also sparked a backlash. Harold Harker says the effects can still be seen today.

Review: Silence

It's called Silence, but this Oscar-nominated film presents deep themes and questions worth talking about.

The Church in the Attic

Harold Harker tells the story of a museum in Amsterdam that graphically portrays the tension between Catholics and Protestants in the Reformation era.

The Puritans

Harold Harker follows the journey of a group of people so desperate for religious freedom that they risked their possessions and lives to obtain it

Waiting for a Better Place

Jesus is coming again!

Meet Helen Hall: Order of Australia Medal Awardee

Receiving credit for helping refugees.