A Christian Perspective on the World Today



The Carol that Stopped a War

There is power in sharing-be it a gift, a meal or a song. Victor Parachin tells the story of the oft sung Christmas carol, "Silent Night."

A Nobel Cause

For more than 100 years, Nobel Prizes have been awarded each December 10th-the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death-for great achievements that benefit mankind. Susan Johnstone relives the life of the man behind the awards.

Bridging Chasms

Bridges are meant to bring people together. Harold Harker explains how this bridge, the Bothwell bridge, was involved in both the formation and dismantling of peace.

Meeting Your Deepest Needs

Have you ever felt like giving up? Mark Finley offers us a friend and so much more. We can find peace in this turbulent world.

God Delivers a New Earth

Will there ever be peace on earth?