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Go healthy for good – July 2017

Why eating walnuts is the way to go. And the lowdown on prenatal DHA supplements.

Go Healthy For Good: January/February 2016

Nerida McKibben is the host of HopeChannel’s health and wellness show, Go Healthy For Good. To find out more, go to www.hop.ec/gohealthyforgood.

Wild about Walnuts

Some people say walnuts look like a brain. Could this tree nuts really be brain food? And what are their other benefits?

A Healthy Spirit For Your Mind

When it comes to mental health, a belief in God plays a bigger part than we may think.

All About Chia

These tiny, oval, black or white seeds have been used as food and medicine for centuries by ancient South American civilisations. Now they’re also being grown in Australia and sought out as a health food.

Vegetarian Essentials

Many people are afraid they’ll miss out on vital nutrients if they adopt a vegetarian diet. What to look out for should you choose not to eat meat.

Omega-3 for Vegetarians

While vegetarians may have generally lower intakes of cholesterol and saturated fat, are they getting enough omega-3?