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Reigniting the Olympic Flame

When Covid-19 gripped the world last year, many questioned the future of the July 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Well, they're back in 2021, but not as you remember them . . .

Chariots of fire—what happened next

A new novelised biography of Eric Liddell shows how his heroism continued long after the Chariots of Fire theme music had faded

You Don’t Have to be an Olympian

You don't have to train like an athlete to enjoy the many benefits of exercise. Personal trainer Andrew Cate shows that the meaning of fitness is different for everyone.

London Town

Harold Harker explores some of the sites of Christian history in London, planned Olympic host for 2012.

Eye on the Olympics

There are important links between faith and athletics

Jessicah Schipper: “I Just Love Swimming”

One of Australia's Olympic hopes explains her passion for swimming-and encouraging others to have a go. She spoke with Nathan Brown.