A Christian Perspective on the World Today

November 2018

November crossword and sudoku solutions

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Hypersonic travel and the end times

Where are technological advancements leading humanity in the future?

Romance, job hunting and salvation

What has Jesus being doing in heaven since his death and resurrection?

Greening our concrete world

The move to city living doesn't mean the end of home-grown fruit and veggies

Pale blue dot

Consider the size of the universe. We're tiny—but not insignificant

Kevan’s journey as a backpack

Meet Kevan—a man who won't let Spinal Muscular Atrophy stop him from travelling

The Depression-inflamation link

Lifestyle medicine is showing us more about the simple ways we can improve our health and our mood

Anzac soldiers speak

Book Review: Anzac Spirituality: The First AIF Soldiers Speak, by Daniel Reynaud

The Father role model

A vital part of being a father is effective role modelling

Our refugee problem

"Australia is full"—a statement that ignores the thousands of refugees. Is it moral to rid ourselves of asylum seekers?