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Identity at the Oscars

What do this year's Oscar winners tell us about who we are - and who we want to become?

Which multiverse are you from?

Whenever we see an “alternate version” of a character in film or TV, they're usually “the evil version”. But is that realistic? Is it time we reconsider who really is “the good guy” and who really is “the bad guy”?

Should we try to understand? Nitram review

Controversial Australian film Nitram spends most of its runtime seeking to understand Port Arthur shooter Martin Bryant. Is the subject matter too sensitive or too soon?

The unspoken epidemic

Film review: The Girl on the Bridge.

Review: Silence

It's called Silence, but this Oscar-nominated film presents deep themes and questions worth talking about.

Review: War Room

The latest offering from Alex and Stephen Kendrick challenges audiences to fight . . . on their knees.