A Christian Perspective on the World Today


Slash Your Grocery Bill

With food prices rising higher and higher, Gordon Botting shares strategies to protect your wallet.

A Different Plan

When I was a little girl, I would go stay at my grandmother’s house just to be away from home. My parents didn’t love one another.

Raising Contented Kids

Some tips on how to help your children grow up thankful for what they have.

Open Windows

What is the meaning of the Christian practice of Tithing?

Free to Give

Hoard it or share it? What to do with your wealth.

The Rich Sport

Do money and sport go hand in hand? Geoff Youlden tells us how rich corporations have more control than we may think.

Simon McKeon

Nathan Brown spoke with the Australian of the Year about his "embarrassingly simple" message.

Money Meltdown

Many thinking people are asking whether the current global economic crisis is foretold in Revelation, namely chapter 18. Ed Dickerson responds to that question.

Ready for Financial Har-money?

Finances are very divisive issues in some families. Gordon Botting suggests ways to avoid these problems.

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Market research suggests that most shoppers take only three seconds to choose various foods in the supermarket, which is hardly enough time to consider value, nutrition and convenience equally.

Affluenza: What Does Your Money Say About You?

Bruce Manners looks at the lives of the rich and famous and discovers that, not only can money not buy happiness-it sometimes leads to grief.

God Wants You to Prosper

The Bible is not about how to get rich but what to do with the riches God bestows. So get ready to unlearn everything you've heard about prosperity, warns Leo Schreven.