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I Have Schizophrenia

I was 21 years old, living a great life, with people and a job I loved. Yet no-one could prepare me for the season...

The “Men’s Shed Solution” For Male Loneliness

Enter the The Woodwork and Craft Club in southeast Queensland and you’ll see piles upon piles of wood and wooden goods—finished, unfinished and not...

“Remember When?”

Families and friends share memories all the time: “You’ll never guess”, “How was your day?”, and “Do you remember when?” are rich daily fodder. Sharing...

Your Mental Health Matters For More Than Just You

We know from new research that children whose mothers are depressed may respond differently to stress, have altered immunity and be at greater risk...

Welcome to the Sex Recession

Less sex? What? Surely not. Like many others I shared this news with, you might be surprised and slightly sceptical to hear this. How...

The Prophet and the Black Dog

Many of us have wrestled with depression at some point in our lives. I felt it stalking me when my son was stillborn several...
Two women asking R U OK?

Are you really ok?

If someone asks "R U OK?" this week, would you be able to respond honestly? Learn how to become more aware of your emotions and better manage your own mental health.

Building a better house

Many assume having faith in God will protect us against depression. But does the God of the Bible really promise that?

How to avoid toxic positivity

Expecting to be happy all the time comes with a plethora of side-effects. Maybe learning to live with unhappiness is the key?

Netflix psychiatrist says 85% of early therapy gains are down to...

Jonah Hill’s Netflix documentary, Stutz, is an insightful journey into the mind of his therapist, renowned psychiatrist Phil Stutz. Hill delves into Stutz’ model...

A mind at war in peacetime

When you discover that the only thing you have left is faith in God, you fervently wish that your faith doesn’t end up poisoning your soul.

Pets: Our help for a better life

Dogs are often called "man's best friend"—but it isn't just canines. Genia Ruscu highlights the benefits that pets can have in your everyday life.